10 Best Scottish Food & Drink Gift Hampers

10 Best Scottish Food & Drink Gift Hampers

We love gifting hampers during the festive period, but the best ones around are definitely food and drink hampers (although we might be slightly biased).

Here's our roundup of the best Scottish food and drink gift hampers, all of which are available to purchase online!

Highland Hamper - Edinburgh Preserves £68

Edinburgh Preserves are an East Lothian-based team creating award-winning Chutneys, Sauces, Jams, Marmalades, Pickles and other Preserves. We've long been fans of a great condiment, so their ranges really hit the spot. 

We'd recommend their Highland Hamper, which has a wide selection of pâté's, chutneys, biscuits, liqueurs and sweets! 

Edinburgh Preserves


Christmas Eve Gift Box - Mimi's Bakehouse £28

Mimi's Bakehouse have taken Edinburgh's bakery scene by storm, winning lots of awards for their incredible baked creations. Their family run business has become known as a 'feel good' destination for anyone with a sweet tooth - sign us up!

Their Christmas Eve Gift Box is a great family-friendly selection including a Christmas Tree Gingerbread for Santa, 2 Lind & Lime Gin Miniatures, a Carrot for Rudolph (so cute!) and a Mini Traybake Sharing Box. There's also an option of adding extras like prosecco for the grown ups!

Mimi's Bakehouse Christmas Eve Gift Boxx


Breakfast Collection Hamper - Bare Bones Chocolate £45

Chocolate handmade in Glasgow? Yes, please. Cameron and Lara have created a product that no one (at least, no one we know) can resist! The small-batch produced chocolate has seen them win the Academy of Chocolate UK Rising Star 2020!

Bare Bones give us the opportunity to indulge ourselves over the festive period with their Breakfast Collection Hamper. Delve inside the basket to find the makings of hot chocolate, chocolate jam and syrup and, of course, bare Bones Signature Chocolate Bars.

Bare Bones Breakfast Hamper

Small Cheese Hamper - George Mewes £60

Cheese is a staple in our houses over the festive period, and arguably some people's favourites. So why not turn to the expert cheesemongers? George Mewes offer a beautiful collection of artisan cheeses and accompaniments, hand-selected by the man himself! 

There are a range of cheese hampers available, but this small hamper will serve 2-3 people with 5 cheeses and a bunch of great snacks to go with it. 

George Mewes Small Cheese Hamper

Festive Scottish Food Gift Box - sprEHd £35

Not everyone enjoys the process of putting together a festive spread, especially the thought of joining the hoards of shoppers doing their pre-Christmas big shop! If that sounds like you, sprEHd have got you covered!

SprEHd are an Edinburgh-based venture offering pre-made delicatessen boxes delivered to any EH postcode or shipped worldwide. The best bit? Their entire range is sourced from producers within Scotland. 

Their Festive Scottish Food Gift Box is a perfect gift for your foodie pals, or to send to a Scot abroad to remind them of home. Dive Straight in with Great Glen Charcuterie, Arran Cheddar, Chutney, Jam, Shortbread, Chocolate and Scottish tablet!

sprEHd Festive Scottish Food Gift Box

The Scottish Field Luxury Hamper - £300 

Scottish Field Magazine have released a ma-hoosive luxury hamper worth more than £380 for their 2022 festive season with heaps of incredible Scottish goodies to enjoy. 

At a £300 price point, this hamper is definitely the most luxurious option of the bunch. But as Scottish Field point out, the hamper would make a great gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or celebratory gift! 

Also, we'd be remiss not to mention it since we're lucky enough to have been featured! 

The Scottish Field Luxury Hamper – New for 2022

Festive Banquet Box - Marchtown £80

Every good festive dinner deserves a great festive tipple. For those of us who enjoy a wee vino with our food, Marchtown's is a hard one to beat. 

Marchtown is a great wee wine shop and bar nestled in the Southside of Glasgow. They offer loads of lovely snacks to munch on alongside their wine selection, and their online hamper & gift selection will take the pressure off deciding what to serve if you're hosting this month.

In their Festive Banquet box, Marchtown offers three beautiful wines including a vintage fizz, a choice of red or white, and a dessert wine to round off your meal with. 

Marchtown's Festive Banquet Box

Party at Home Gift Hamper - Marchtown £100

 If you're hosting a low-key New Year's Eve bash at home or heading to someone else's house, try Marchtown's Party at Home Gift Hamper with wine & games!

It has everything you need to kick off 2023 the right way, including wine, gin, whisky, a pub quiz, and of course a disco ball! Who doesn't love a bit of shimmer on NYE?

Party at Home Gift Hamper

Soft Drink Variety Pack - Bon Accord £12

If you're anything like us, you'll be majorly excited for all the food and drinks coming your way in the next few weeks. If you're looking for some soft options to serve at your festive table, we're here to help!

We've got lots of great options, whether you're looking for mixers or soft drinks for non-drinkers. If you're looking for an introduction to Bon Accord, grab one of our Soft Drink Variety Packs!

Inside you'll find one of each of our sodas including Rhubarb SodaGinger BeerBona-colaPink Grapefruit SodaCream SodaCloudy Lemonade. We love our variety packs because you get to try every flavour and pick your favourite!

Hot tip: get 10% off your first order by signing up to our newsletter, and free delivery over orders worth £25! 

Soft Drink Variety Pack


Sharing Bottle Variety Pack - Bon Accord £18

Our Sharing Bottle Variety Pack gives you two big bottles of each of our favourite flavours including Rhubarb SodaGinger Beer, and Cloudy Lemonade.

These bottles are the perfect option for younger family members who want something special to toast with on Christmas Day and New Year - without all the added sugar or artificial flavourings!


Sharing Bottle Variety Pack 

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