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10 Perfect Edinburgh Cafes for Remote Working

Though the government is no longer advising us to work from home, remote work is here to stay. 76% of Scots who work flexibly say that it has positively impacted their quality of life. 

But remote work can have some drawbacks. We contend with being distracted by family or housemates, cabin fever, and even loneliness.

Leaving the house offers a break from the monotony of working from home. Cafes offer some low-level social contact and the buzz of being around other people can help to get the creative juices flowing. The freshly brewed coffee and food helps keep you going whilst working away, and even better if they stock our favourite premium soft drinks!

Follow us on a tour of the 10 cafes we love and why we think they're perfect for remote working.


It’s been a few years since the term ‘Hygge’ hit our collective consciousness. The Swedish term refers to finding comfort and cosiness in daily pleasures. 

From where we stand, Söderberg is the cafe equivalent of hygge. 

Söderberg is a Swedish bakery that has seven locations across Edinburgh. We think their flagship site, Söderberg Pavillion and the Soderberg Bakery shop make the best work locations. 

Söderberg Pavillion has massive windows that look onto Quartermile, and they serve brunch and lunch, featuring beautiful sourdough pizzas, hot chocolates, and their bestselling cardamom buns.

We’ve spotted many laptop users there in the past, and their interior has soft furnishings that bring extra comfort in the colder months. Their larger tables are perfect for group meetings. 

Soderberg Quartermile


Around the corner, Söderberg Bakery Shop feels more lively, with students and professionals grabbing takeaway coffee. Their window seats are perfect for a quick bit of work or for taking a business call. 

Söderberg The Meadows


Söderberg, The Meadows
1 Lister Square
EH3 9GL 


Söderberg, Quartermile
27 Simpson Loan
Monday - Friday 07:45 - 19:00
Saturday & Sunday  09:00- 19:00


Dovecot Cafe

Nestled in the former Infirmary Street Baths is Dovecot Studios, a world-renowned tapestry studio established in 1912. The environment is perfect for soaking up creative juices, and Dovecot Studios cafe is no exception. 

The cafe offers salads, soups, cakes and coffees and focuses on locally sourced produce. We’re proud that our Bon Accord Cloudy Lemonade and Rhubarb Soda feature. 

Dovecot Cafe

There are daily specials made from seasonal ingredients, and we love that they create exclusive dishes designed to complement the current exhibitions! 

The main pull of working here is that you can take a break to get inspired by watching the resident tapestry artists at work at the tapestry studio viewing balcony.

Dovecot Studios

10 Infirmary Street
Monday - Saturday 09.30-16.30

Levels Cafe and Lounge

This lesser-known spot is perfect for those on a budget & late-night deadlines. Levels is part of the University of Edinburgh estate and offers a brightly-lit space with simple food and coffee (plus wine and beer). 

The cafe has everything you need when remote working: affordable prices, reliable wifi and comfortable tables. It’s commonplace for laptop users to work, so you won’t feel you’re overstaying your welcome if you need a longer-stay work session.




Holyrood Road

Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-20:00
Sunday 10:00-16:00


Lowdown Coffee 

Lowdown Coffee is a perfect space for minimalists and coffee lovers alike.


The modern speciality ‘coffee basement’ is hidden underneath a tenement building on George street. They have a weekly menu of savoury and sweet baked goods, with artisan roasts to sample and buy.


Lowdown’s clean lines and simplicity make it a perfect refuge for quiet work and smashing your to-do list without too many distractions.
Lowdown Coffee
40 George Street
Monday - Saturday 09:30-17:30 
Sunday 10:00 - 17:30 


The Wall, Coffee and Design House 

The Wall offers a meeting between rustic design and retro Italian Coffee technology to create a charming atmosphere.


The long benches and small bar tables offer a lovely community-feel environment. They also have a selection of hand-made and gluten-free cakes (yay for food inclusivity!)


The Wall is on the busy Cockburn street, giving you a great opportunity to people-watch whilst you sip your coffee. 


The Wall, Coffee and Design House

45 Cockburn Street
Friday - Sunday 08:30-19:00 
Monday - Thursday 08:30-18:00 


Argyle Place

Argyle Place offers a spacious, welcoming environment to savour delicious, fresh food whilst you work. The sun streams through the windows during the afternoon, creating a gorgeous atmosphere complimented by beautifully-plated dishes. 

Argyle Place is big on supporting local businesses, featuring Edinburgh coffee roaster Mr Eion, and our Bon Accord sodas. Big win for remote workers: they have plugs to charge your laptop. 

This cafe is one of our team's favourite spots. We go to get work done, but we end up staying for the great food and drink options. 

Argyle Place

25-28 Argyle Place

Tuesday-Saturday 08:30-16:00
Sunday 09:30-16:00


Cairngorm Coffee Co.

Two things that Cairngorm Coffee Co. do well: are coffee & cheese toasties. What more could you want from a cafe? 

Since their humble beginnings in Cairngorms National Park, the team at Cairngorm Coffee has been ‘on a mission to make sure nobody has to settle for average coffee’. Their alternative brew methods certainly make it an ideal spot for coffee lovers. 

There are loads of tables in front of the big windows. Some even feature iPads to scroll through or quickly reply to emails! 

Cairngorm Coffee Co.

1 Melville Place
Monday-Friday 08:30-16:30
Saturday-Sunday 09:00-16:30


It’s gained almost a cult-like following in the last few years, making it Edinburgh’s home for speciality coffee. 


The heart of their brand is making great coffee and using local produce, including some of our sodas! They offer brunch,  lunch, and lots of vegan options. We especially love their sandwich selection. 


They have free wifi and even newspapers to read if you fancy a break! 



6-8 South College Street
Monday-Sunday 08:00-18:00 



A coffee shop with plugs - the biggest win! Fortitude is a coffee merchant and espresso bar that stocks coffee beans from some of the best small-batch roasters in the UK. 

When you’re finished with work, you can learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home from their champion baristas.  




3C York Place
Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00
Saturday & Sunday 09:00-16:00


Don’t Tell Mama 

For all of us who spend the work daydreaming of our next holiday, look no further.


Don’t Tell Mama is a perfect location to fulfil your wanderlust while you work. This beautiful cafe has a homely atmosphere and food inspired by recipes from the Greek founders’ mothers. They have every variety of coffee, including Greek coffee specialities (their frappe looks delish).


The space features small tables, long benches, power sockets, and super-fast wifi, making it the perfect location for your WFH (away from home) vibe.


Don't Tell Mama


64 Home Street

Monday-Thursday 10:00-18:00 
Friday-Sunday 10:00-23:00 

We love seeing local cafes stocking our drinks!

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