National Sandwich Day

6 Best Sandwich Shops in Edinburgh

It’s World Sandwich Day on 3rd November. Oh, you haven’t heard of it? We hadn't either, but you bet we’re going to use it as an excuse to shout about where to find the perfect lunchtime bite (or dinnertime - we don’t discriminate). 

We’re covering a load of different sandwiches from your humble sub to international takes on our bread-based lunchtime classic. Let's get stuck in.


Alby’s - Leith 📌

First up is Alby’s. If you haven’t heard of them, where have you been? These guys have been blowing up on Tiktok, with everyone featuring them for both their sandwiches and stylish interiors. 

Alby’s is a mid-century modern dream with seventies stylings, schoolhouse chairs, and reclaimed gymnasium floors. We’re in love! Whilst they’ve taken up residence in the old Snax Cafe location in Leith, these guys do much more than your regular morning roll. 

All of their ‘big hot sandwiches’ are served on focaccia squares that are generously layered with fillings like short rib and spiced roasted cauliflower. The menu changes every couple of weeks, so we’d advise following them on Instagram to find out what’s on each day. Or, throw caution to the wind and let yourself be surprised by the selection on the day!

The best news is: you can have sandwiches for dinner as Alby’s is open late and holds a BYOB licence! Perfect for late-night cravings, or to accompany you on your walk home from the pub. 


Bodega - Leith Walk 📌

Tacos are a type of sandwich, right?

Another fusion of international flavours, Bodega grabs inspiration for its tacos from Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. As is the traditional way, they serve their fillings on freshly-made corn tortillas. 

Bodega recommends grabbing two tacos per person if you’re looking for a more substantial meal. We don’t mind as it means we can sample more of their menu in one sitting!

And, though this isn’t a guide to Edinburgh’s best bars, it is worth mentioning that their margaritas come highly recommended 😉


The Bánh Mì Bar - The Arches 📌

Bánh Mì, which literally translates as ‘wheat bread’, is a baguette filled with meat and fresh vegetables. It was popularised in the 1950s following six decades of French colonialism within the nation but has become a staple in local and tourist diets alike. 

The Bánh Mì Bar is Edinburgh’s answer to this Vietnamese lunchtime classic. Located in the Arches next to Waverly Station, The Bánh Mì Bar is a great lunch spot or respite from a long train journey. You can even take it outside and enjoy a view of Calton Hill as you eat. 

You have the option to choose your bread, fillings and sauces, or to go for one of their signature baguettes. They’ve got really flavourful vegan options too! 

There’s nothing quite like the joy of fresh, crunchy vegetables and flavoursome meat of this Vietnamese street fare to transport you to the streets of Hanoi. Whether you’re a long-time fan, or new to the craze, we guarantee you won’t regret getting your first taste of a Bánh Mì. 



FacePlant Foods - Leith 📌

We’ve talked a lot about meat-filled sannies today, but to be both inclusive AND up on the latest Edinburgh food trends, we’re including Faceplant Foods. 

Vegans: we see you, we hear you. We guarantee this sandwich shop is the perfect fit for you. 

FacePlant Foods hit the food scene as one of Scotland’s first pop-up, plant-based kitchens in 2017. They’re 100% vegan, and serve plant-based alternatives to all the fixings for a good sandwich, including cheese and meats like pastrami, chicken & turkey.

Our absolute fave is the vegan reuben because it really is as good as the real deal. 


Sando Edinburgh - Home Bar, Tollcross📌

Named after the Japanese word for sandwich, Sando has taken up residence at Home, in Newington. 

Their sandwiches respect the tradition of the Japanese Sando, which only uses Shokupan milk bread. Shokupan is the most popular daily bread in Japan is similar in texture to a brioche rather than a typical sandwich bread like baguette or sourdough. 

Since we saw it on the gram, we’ve been lusting after Sweet Sticky Chicken sando. It has buttermilk fried chicken in a soy caramel sauce, topped with pickled celeriac and a zesty lime jalapeńo mayo. 

As Sando says themselves, they really are ‘sandwiches, but better’. 


King of Feasts pop-up - Polwarth Tavern 📌

We’re ending with the absolute legend that is the King of Feasts himself. His sandwiches have been mentioned by Financial Times in their list of the top 10 sandwich shops in the world! 

Casson’s style of cooking is influenced by his fine dining background, but his food is about ‘‘fun dining, not fine dining’. After a string of successful pop-ups, he’s finally taken up permanent residence at Polwarth Tavern, where he’s serving up his signature ‘really big sandwiches’. 

Browsing his bites on his Instagram, you’d easily see why Casson received the accolades. His generously-filled subs show no shortage of creativity, with flavour inspiration drawn from Japan, the Middle East, and the Deep South.  

We’ve been lusting over a few of his recent creations including

  • Ham, curry folded egg, spice
  • Fried Maple Pork Chop with Fire Roasted Tomato BBQ Sauce
  • Za’atar Chicken Sandwich - spicy, tangy, bigger than my hand

His menu changes regularly, so keep an eye on his socials to stay up to date! 


There you have it, the Bon Accord guide to Edinburgh’s Sandwich shops! Which one do you want to try? Let us know in the comments.

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