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A Day In Glasgow: What We Got Up To

Last weekend we decided to go through to Glasgow for a wholesome day out! Here’s what we got up to, along with a few of our other favourites which we sadly didn’t get a chance to visit (this time)! 

Porter and Rye 

Although we primarily went through for their roast, it’s safe to say that we were a wee bit heartbroken that we didn’t have room to try more of the menu! After a lot of deliberation we decided that we just had to sample a few of Porter and Rye’s small plates. We tried the beef tartare (which was perfectly salty) and the venison with its delicious plum sauce. 



Then it was on to the main event! The shining stars of the roast were: (of course) the beef; the bone marrow gravy; and the creamed cabbage (when something is cooked off in pancetta how can it not be delicious?!). We then had a wee breather (and loosened our belts), before finishing off our meal with the sesame mousse and a dram.



Simply put, Porter and Rye has impeccable service, immaculate vibes, and we would definitely have to give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Roots, Fruits and Flowers

We then popped into Roots, Fruits and Flowers to check out all of the produce they had on offer.  We have to admit, we’re yet to come across a grocer which is as aesthetically pleasing as this shop! The selection of goods that they had from small local businesses (such as Bon Accord 😉) was incredible, and all of the produce was incredibly fresh. If you’re in the area we would highly recommend you check this place out!


Kelvingrove Park 

We then took a walk through Kelvingrove park along the river. It seems that the Water of Leith has some serious competition! With the University of Glasgow presiding over the park like Hogwarts, this place is truly stunning and does not feel at all like you're mere minutes from a bustling city centre. Following the path along the River Kelvin, under stunning bridges and past the ruins of an ancient mill, we came up the bank into…

The Botanical Gardens 

Perfect for plant lovers, a photo opportunity, or simply to escape the cold, the Botanical Gardens have something for everyone! Originally opened in 1817, the Botanics hold over 200 years of flourishing history. Home to over 9000 different types of plants, the seemingly endless glasshouses change from climates akin to an arid desert, to humid rainforests. If you’re in need of an afternoon of escapism, consider the Botanics as the answer to your prayers ❤️



(p.s. If you enjoy the peace of and quiet of the Botanics and are worried that your visits will likely make a dent in your budget, fret not! Entry to the Botanics is, and will continue to be, free ❤️)

Tantrum Doughnuts 

After grabbing the subway back to Buchanan street we had to see what all the fuss was about and try Tantrum Doughnuts. Although we tried a few varieties, our favourites had to be the ‘Brown Butter Espresso Ring’, along with their ‘Crème Brûlée Doughnut’. If you’re like us, and have eyes bigger than your belly, why not not grab your doughnuts to take away and make that train journey home a wee bit more enticing. 


The Absent Ear

Finally, if you’re like us and cannot resist a speakeasy, you need to check out The Absent Ear. Having just been named the 25th best cocktail bar in the UK, this bar is definitely worth the hype! 

Now, we know we’ve talked about this place before (see our ‘A Foodie Guide: Glasgow’s East End’ blog post), but with cocktails this good how can you not keep running back? Their cocktail menu changes regularly, however a few of our favourites right now include: 

Spicy Miso Mary: a mashup between a bloody mary and miso soup, served in a bowl! 


Scratch & Sip: a cocktail that involves an artist-made scratch card deciding your fate (the flavour of your drink). Will you end up with a strawberry delight, a banana sipper or a watermelon tipple? Only time will tell.

It’s worth noting that in true speakeasy style, (only) upon booking you are given access to the actual location of the bar, along with the secret password which is required for entry. So, a word from the (not so) wise (Toni), don’t put the wrong email on your booking 🤣 


It’s safe to say that after this incredible afternoon, we will most definitely be making an effort to head through to Glasgow more often! Some of our favourite venues from previous visits include: Ox and Finch; Gloriosa; Unalome; Five March; and The Gannet. If you’ve got any recommendations for next time we go to Glasgow, let us know in the comments 😀

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