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Alcohol Free Fun - Edinburgh Edition

Are you taking part in Dry January, but don’t want to miss out on all the fun with your friends? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite non-alcoholic dependent activities to do in and around the city. 

Games Night Roxy Lanes

After attending this recently opened venue for our Christmas party, we give Roxy Lanes our Bon Accord seal of approval! Roxy Lanes has a variety of games to choose between, from curling to karaoke they’ve got you covered. Our favourite had to be Bankshot Shuffleboard! 


The staff were beyond helpful, and could answer any (of our many) questions about the rules of the games. On top of this, you can order food and drinks directly from them (or the QR code on your station), so that you don’t have to miss out on any of the action by waiting in queues at the bar. 

As you enter, they also have Basketball and Air Hockey which you can pay with contactless payments to use. Although very helpful for those of us who haven’t carried cash in years, this feature is not so useful for people who are attempting to save money - the competitive streak is most definitely alive and well within the Bon Accord team…

Rock Climbing and/or Bouldering

Have you set yourself the new year’s resolution to improve your fitness, but the thought of going to the gym is giving you literal hives? A little known fact is that, just outside of the city centre, lies the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena (EICA), Europe’s largest indoor climbing centre. The EICA has hosted national competitions, and provides facilities for top roping, lead climbing and bouldering.


The centre also has ‘clip and climb’ facilities which are geared towards children, but provides fun for the whole family! For those of us who are yet to become seasoned climbers this activity is suitable for beginners, and auto belays mean that you don’t have to worry too much about being in charge of your child/friend’s return to earth.



If you’re keen on giving bouldering (climbing without the ropes) a go, but don’t have the means to travel all the way out to EICA, Alien bloc is based just in Broughton. With pay as you go sessions and shoe hire available, what’s stopping you! 

Ninja Warrior Gym 

Another option for those of you that are athletically inclined! Have you ever sat and watched Ninja Warrior and thought, ‘well it can’t be that hard can it’? Now is your chance to put your skills to the test! 


Suitable for adults and children (over the age of 5) alike, this course will get you swinging like Tarzan through the treetops in no time! Although it is worth noting that this venue is not intended to function as a soft play and is fairly demanding, it’s a given that you’ll leave here having had a blast (and with sore muscles).

Marcos Pool Hall

Have you ever fancied a game of pool, but decided against going to the pub to avoid fighting other patrons over the one available table? Then Marcos Pool Hall is the answer to your prayers! With countless 9ft American tables, and the ability to order pizza and drinks straight to your table, there’s clearly a reason why Marcos is so popular! 


In addition, Tuesday is now ladies day. Meaning that tables booked by women are half off in a bid to encourage more women to play and feel included. On top of this, the venue is centrally located and has a host of flat screens to watch your favourite team on match day.

Independent Cinemas 

Now, more than ever, we know it’s important to do our best to support local businesses. This statement is especially true when it comes to our beloved independent cinemas, with the Filmhouse on Lothian Road closing its doors this October. Luckily, there are still a few independent venues within the city which you can visit. 

The Dominion provides the sort of VIP experience which was more commonly associated with bygone eras. Opening its doors in 1938, this family run enterprise creates an opulent experience to which the likes of Cineworld could only dream of! For example, in a bid to up the elegance and enhance sustainability, say goodbye to soggy cardboard and hello to crystal glassware.

@alltimelois vip movie night at the dominion in edinburgh 🍿 #jamesbond #dominion #edinburgh #scotland ♬ James Bond Theme - Tommy Tallarico


Another timeless venue, which is slightly more centrally located, is the Scotsman Picture House. As the tiktoker 'Eatinburgh' pointed out, this cinema really is like stepping into a Wes Anderson film. Part of the Scotsman Hotel, the venue has a private bar for those visiting the cinema, along with just 48 seats meaning the experience is calm and intimate. It’s worth noting that, along these lines, this atmosphere is intended for adults only, and so this spot is definitely worth saving until date night! In addition to this, the cinema is not known for showing many trailers, so it’s advised to arrive at your showing early so as not to miss the beginning of your showing!


@eatinburgh Nicest cinema I’ve ever been in? Definitely. #edinburgh #cinema #wesanderson #dateideas ♬ Choking on Flowers - Fox Academy



So there you have it, our non-conclusive list of some of the best ways to have fun in Edinburgh this Dry January! If you’re running low on non-alcoholic beverages make sure to head over to our product page, and if you’re on to hunt for some mocktail inspiration, make sure to give our previous blog post a look. Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed anything out, or if you try out any of these spots for yourselves. 

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