The Military Tattoo Edinburgh Festival 2022

Check out Bon Accord's 'Best of the Fest'

The return of the Edinburgh festivals has made August a month to remember.

We saw some mind-blowing shows, partnered with some incredible people (shoutout to the Edinburgh International Festival & Edinburgh Art Festival) , and shared our drinks with you all!

 We ended up seeing loads of shows, so we put together Bon Accord's first 'Best of the Fest' to share our thoughts! 

Spoiler alert: Nathan wins the prize for most shows watched (and the most thorough reviews).


Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock’s award-winning sound transcends genre, making him a bonafide legend in contemporary music. What a joy to be back in a huge auditorium to watch such talented individual musicians come together to make sweet (and wildly creative) music! - Nathan, Co-founder

Sons of Kemet

I saw Sons of Kemet at Leith Theatre on Sunday night. They were awesome! Very jazzy and very loud! - Jen, Brand Manager


Jinkx Monsoon: She’s Still Got It, with Major Scales

This show sold out almost every show, which makes sense considering that it was an absolute riot! Jinkx is a performer that knows themselves so well that they have the audience hanging on their every move. Every song and joke brought laughs from the entire crowd. My highlight of the festival for sure! - Isy, Marketing Executive

Marcel Lucont: Les Enfants Terribles – A Gameshow for Awful Children

Lots of audience interaction, and their unpredictability made it absolutely hilarious for both kids and adults! The girls even got up on stage! - Karen, Co-founder

Karen's daughter on stage at the Marcel Lucont show


I loved it.  I hadn’t done my homework, so I had no idea what was coming my way.  What transpired was captivating, dramatic, and an unexpected whirlwind.  Talk about polymaths!  The performers dotted from instrument to instrument, or should I say danced from instrument to instrument.

The Times gave it one star, the Guardian three.  But that’s ok - I loved it, and that’s all that matters to me :) - Nathan, Co-Founder


Kae Tempest

I watched them last time they played the EIF,  and it was an amazing evening.  Brilliant, in-your-face performance interspersed with tender, thought-provoking moments.  A lyricist for our troubled times - Nathan, Co-Founder



If you’re looking for a take on a Greek tragedy through the female gaze this is the show for you. Cast members weaved in and out of the audience creating a dynamic performance. Adura Onashile was spellbinding and stole the show! - Toni, Marketing Executive


Edinburgh Book Festival

Frankie Boyle, Jarvis Cocker, and Armando Iannucci all made me laugh first and think deeply afterward.  I've not read any of their new books, but I now intend to (the festival attendance truly helps book sales!) - Nathan, Co-founder

A massive thank you to Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Art Festival for being such lovely people to work with this year. We’re very grateful for the opportunity to bring the joy of juice to an international audience! 

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