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Bon Accord’s Favourite Autumn Snacks & Drinks

Much like animals getting ready to hibernate for winter, the Bon Accord team is stocking up on our favourite snacks to get through the colder months ahead.

As always, we’re spoilt for choice for good snacks in Scotland so we’re proud to see lots of Scottish producers in our staff picks. 

Some of these choices may or may not be heavily influenced by our premature excitement for party season to begin… 👀 Without further ado, here’s what we’re savouring this month...

Jen, Brand Manager

Favourite snack?

Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips when I'm feeling salty.  Drink biscuits by The Drinks Bakery are always a hit,  preferably with some cheese and my answer to the next question!


Go-to alcoholic beverage?

A delicious, heavy Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec I use Wine Events Scotland for my recommendations. Diana held online wine tastings during lockdown and these were a real highlight during the months stuck at home.

Favourite BA drink?

The all-time bestseller, Rhubarb Soda *chefs kiss* 

Rhubarb Soda
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Nathan, Co-Founder

Favourite snack?

Love a salted nut.  Peanuts for an everyday snack, cashews for a treat and macadamias if someone has been generous enough to shop in M&S 😏  


Go-to alcoholic beverage?

Woah… I’m a Generation X’er, so we’re pretty partial to a drink.  It’s all about my mood and the weather, right? On a cold winter's night,  it has to be an Old Fashioned. Except when watching sports on the TV, it’s always a beer.


Favourite BA drink?

I’m down the sharp end of things!  Cloudy Lemonade over ice, Pink Grapefruit Soda if I’m mixing or our Light & Dry Tonic with a wedge of orange if I’m trying to kid myself (a little tactic that curbed my alcohol consumption in the early stages of lockdown).  

Bon Accord Light & Dry Tonic
Bon Accord Light & Dry Tonic
Bon Accord Pink Grapefruit Soda

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Ryan, Operations Assistant

Favourite snack?

Recently, Le Petit Chocolate Crunchy biscuits which recently hit UK shelves (they’re amazing!) For a healthier option,  I don’t mind some grapes & strawberries.

Go-to alcoholic beverage?

Whenever there’s football on (or sports in general) my favourite is Old Mount Berries & Cherries Fruit Cider.  Anything with a fruity & sweet taste will do.

Favourite BA drink?

Definitely Bona-Cola (with ice!)

Bon Accord Bona-Cola
Shop now Bona-Cola

Karen, Co-Founder

Favourite snack?

I discovered Harry's Nut Butter last Christmas and I'm totally hooked! Extra Hot is my ultimate fav, so good for dipping veg sticks in or smearing on salty crackers, or straight from the jar with a teaspoon!

Go-to alcoholic beverage?

I’m honestly not fussy when it comes to drinks. I am, however, very particular about my ice! I hate small ice cubes that melt easily so I always have a stock of XL ice cubes in my freezer, perfect for my Friday night Escubac from our friends at Sweetdram, and Bon Accord Tonic Water


Bon Accord Tonic Water

Favourite BA drink?

I love our Cloudy Lemonade, it's so fresh and sharp and zesty.... sunshine in a glass

Shop now Cloudy Lemonade

Isy, Marketing Executive

Favourite snack?

I’m pretty much addicted to Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut. Not least of all because no one else likes it, so I don’t have to share!

As for savoury, I’m a big big fan of cheese, especially in the colder months when cheese platters are a regular fixture in our household. You can often find me perusing the shelves at George Mewes for the perfect Manchego.


Go-to alcoholic beverage?

Red wine, preferably chosen at Valhalla’s Goat.

They’ve been voted Best Independent Bottle Shop in Glasgow, and were voted Saviour of Lockdown in our house during lockdown when they did a fantastic delivery service! They have so much to choose from and their selection of natural wines is top tier.


Favourite BA drink?

I would say for Autumn, I prefer something with a bit of a kick in it. The Ginger Beer is my go-to, especially good with whiskey cocktails! 

Bon Accord Ginger Beer
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Toni, Marketing Executive

Favourite snack?

Hummus and red bell peppers, every day. The perfect crunch!


Go-to alcoholic beverage?

I tend to go for a pink gin and lemonade #basic, or a flavoured cider like Rekorderlig and Old Mount


Favourite BA drink?

I think my love for the Cloudy Lemonade is well-documented on our Tiktok at this point!

Bon Accord Cloudy Lemonade


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