Bon Accord X Stewart Brewing Shandy now available!

Bon Accord X Stewart Brewing Shandy now available!

Nothing quite beats sitting down with a beer to chase off the summer heat. Except, of course, adding a soda to top it all off! We’ve partnered up with Stewart Brewing to offer you the chance to make a shandy in the comfort of your own garden! 

Our packs include samples of 6 different drinks, and each Stewart Brewing beer has been paired with our joyfully juicy Bon Accord sodas. 

The delicious and refreshing pairings are:

Stewarts Lager &  Cloudy Lemonade

Radical Road & Pink Grapefruit

First World Problems & Rhubarb Soda

For those of you who prefer a lighter summer beer, the 50:50 mix of beer and soda is a perfect option. Even the beloved Charles Dickens once commented that the shandy is the perfect "alliance between beer and pop." 

If you share the same fondness for this perfect pairing, head over to Stewart Brewing to bag yourself one of the 6 packs now!

Fun fact: the shandy was originally known as ‘shandygaff’ throughout 19th century Britain, which was a mix of ginger beer and bitter ale. By the time that Bon Accord was established in 1903, the word had been shortened ‘shandy’. The drink is now popular worldwide with different names and twists, like the Radler in France and Germany, the Clara in Spain, and even the Panaché in Canada! Long live the beer cocktail!

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