Bon Accord's Christmas Wish Lists

Bon Accord's Christmas Wish Lists

The days leading up to Christmas are always such a busy time, and some of us are running out of ideas for gifts! We looked to our team for inspiration and asked them what they’re hoping to find underneath the Christmas tree this year.

Toni Harland - Marketing Executive

For Christmas, I have asked for an electric blanket as I am perpetually cold.

I have also asked for some UGG slippers because I'm #basic, and still perpetually cold. I also asked for some gloves from Tartan Blanket Co. (are you sensing a theme?) 

I've asked for the sequel to one of my favourite books from 2021 Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn. The original book is based on a secret society in an American college which is built on Arthurian legend (which turns out not to be a legend after all). It's a look at intergenerational trauma from the remnants of the slave trade in the South and a bisexual love triangle - give me a better plot, I dare you.

 Toni's Wishlist

Fun fact: my mother is very... organised. We have a master Google Doc where all family members have to submit their wish lists. Some may say this takes the fun out of it, but I haven't received a present I haven't liked in years!


Ryan - Operations Assistant

I’m asking for a gift card for JD Sports or Nike, so that I can go grab a few clothes on Boxing Day. 

I usually ask for computer games, but they’re quite expensive so a gift card from GAME would be a great way to contribute towards the cost of a game without breaking the bank!

Ryan's Wishlist

Karen - Co-founder

I think I have been mainly good this year so under the Christmas tree, I am wishing for a few bits… 

Some new jewellery would be a very well-appreciated gift! I recently discovered the Realta jewellery brand, who makes water-resistant and tarnish-free jewellery. I'm after a new pair of gold hoops that will be worn daily in 2023!

I also love the range of perfumes by Bon Parfumeur, particularly amber and woody scents!

My love of Harry's Nut Butter has been well-documented this year. I received a jar last year and have been hooked ever since. The extra hot savoury butter is my absolute fav! You can buy it online or find it in independent retailers across the UK. 

Karen's Wishlist

Nathan - Co-founder

I don't have a massive list this year, I prefer surprises! 

I do love receiving food-related gifts. I always have a bottle of this Olive Oil from Great Oil UK on my counter. I wouldn’t mind a few more to see me through the year!

Nathan's Wishlist 

Isy - Marketing Executive

My mum has been nagging me for my Christmas list for the last few weeks, but I've been supremely unhelpful in giving her ideas so far (hopefully this will help!)

Books are always a great gift for me, especially since I’m planning on actually completing my Goodreads Challenge in 2023! 

Babel by R.F. Kuang is at the top of my list. It's a “compulsive dystopia about the power of language and the evils of authoritarianism”. I’ve been pulled in by promises of dark academia fantasy, and comparisons to Susanna Clark who wrote one of my favourite books of all time, Piranesi. 

I'm also a bit of a magpie: attracted to shiny things! I’ve been a long-time fan of Roo Bannister’s Jewellery collection, Musée Roo. I wouldn’t mind receiving anything from her collection but I’m currently obsessed with her earrings!

Isy's Wishlist


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