Candle Light Concerts: A Review

Candle Light Concerts: A Review

Popping up in over 100 cities across the globe, and amassing 3 million attendees to date, Candle Light Concerts are quickly gaining in popularity, and for good reason! Usually performed by a pianist or string quartet, the musicians masterfully perform everything from Coldplay to Hans Zimmer, ensuring that there is truly something for everyone. Assuming you’re based in Scotland, you’ll have to head through to either Edinburgh or Glasgow to witness this spectacle. 



Coming up in Edinburgh: Fleetwood Mac; ABBA; and Hans Zimmer 

Coming up in Glasgow: Taylor Swift; Amy Winehouse; and Queen

(p.s If you're, worried about the safety of Edinburgh’s beloved St Mary’s Cathedral, fret not. LED candles are used to create an incredible ambiance, whilst maintaining the safety of staff and guests ❤️)

Our review: 

A few weeks ago our very own marketing girlie Toni went to a Candle Light Concert at St Mary’s Episcopal. On the Agenda: Taylor Swift. According to Toni, you should aim to get to the venue around 30 minutes before the concert is due to begin. The musicians start promptly, and anyone late will not be admitted entry (so to not disturb the musicians). In addition to this, the seats are assigned within sections on a first come, first serve basis. This means that if you arrive earlier, you'll likely get a better seat! Arriving earlier also allows a wee bit of time to pop to the loo, or to grab a drink from their bar on site - a baileys hot chocolate paired with Taylor Swift? Chef’s Kiss 😙👌

The set list:

Lavender Haze 

Love Story 


Blank Space 



We Are Never Getting Back Together 

All Too Well 

Wildest Dreams 


I Knew You Were Trouble 

You Belong With Me



Toni said that, ‘once the set started I was transfixed by the musicians. I can’t say that I've ever had such an intimate and peaceful experience in a room full of people!’. The show lasts around an hour and, if you give the musicians in question a sufficient whoop and clap at the end, they might just treat you to a wee encore! All in all, Toni said ‘I would honestly recommend attending a Candle Light Concert to anyone and everyone, it was a truly magical experience’, so that’s just what we’re doing! 


If you like this review and you’re on the hunt for more evening activities in Edinburgh, why not head over to our blog and read ‘Our Date Spot Recommendations’ and ‘Alcohol Free Fun - Edinburgh Edition’ - you can thank us later 😉

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