Bon Accord Ginger Beer Festive Drinks

Festive Food & Drinks Pairings with Bon Accord

As Festive celebrations this year are less extravagant than many of us would hope, we want to bring some fizz to your festive season with our premium drinks ideas and food pairings. Don’t let the season go without a pop!


We created our Tasting Notes to discover what food works best when paired with your favourite Bon Accord flavour:


Bon Accord Flavour

Food Pairing

Tasting Notes

Rhubarb Soda


Full bodied and full flavoured

Rhubarb Soda

Blue Cheese

Sweetness for balance

Rhubarb Soda

Meat - Beef, Pork, Lamb

Fruity, medium to full bodied flavour

Rhubarb Soda


Herbal, spicy notes, dark fruit notes

Rhubarb Soda


Sweet note, dark fruit

Cloudy Lemonade


Refreshing, Crisp, Clean

Cloudy Lemonade


Zesty, citrusy, spritzy

Cloudy Lemonade

Creamy or Cheesy Sauces

Richer flavours, fruity and full bodied

Cloudy Lemonade

Citrus Desserts

Citrus, refreshing

Ginger Beer

Smoked Fish & Meat

Light, fruity, balanced, aromatic

Ginger Beer

Aromatic Thai or Chinese Dishes

Aromatic, fruity, a little sweetness

Ginger Beer

Dried Fruit Desserts

Rounded, smooth

Rhubarb Soda or Ginger Beer

Tomato Based Sauces

Fruity flavours with sweetness to balance tomato acidity

Rhubarb Soda or Ginger Beer

Rich Spicy Foods

Freshness but sweetness


We have a range of ‘Perfect Serves’ in collaboration with our favourite spirit companies. These drinks are the perfect combination to enhance the flavour of both the spirit and the paired Bon Accord soft drink or mixer. 


Fresh lime




Ice and lime 


And something special for the festive season:


A splosh of your favourite dark spirit (whisky, rum)
Cinnamon stick
2 cloves    
A  pinch of nutmeg


Gently simmer all the ingredients in a pan (don’t let it boil), serve with a slice of orange, enjoy and  let it warm your spirit!


Our Spirited friends:



Bon Accord: Sweet by Nature

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