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Celebrate International Gin & Tonic Day with Bon Accord

Our team are big fans of a G&T after a long day, and we know lots of you are too! So pop the 19th October in the diary, because we’re celebrating International Gin & Tonic day!

The event was founded in 2010 in honour of Mary Edith Keyburn, USA, a keen G&T lover. She was so dedicated to her favourite tipple that she had her family members sneak it into the hospital for her in a teacup! Cheers to you, Mary!

For our G&T day celebration, we’ll be pairing our Bon Accord Tonic Water and 
Bon Accord Light & Dry Tonic Water with some of the best Scottish Gins around. Scroll on to see what we recommend for the occasion…

Porters Gin

Porters Gin began in the basement of a cocktail bar in Aberdeen in 2016. Their unique distilling process uses much lower temperatures which avoid heat damage to the delicate botanicals they use to make their gin. 

Since 2016, they’ve released lots of unique gins, but their most popular is the Modern Classic. It’s a citrus-forward gin that uses the almost outlandish Buddah’s hand citron fruit. 

We think it’s worth buying just for the bottle design alone, but the delicious citrus flavour certainly makes it the perfect pairing in a G&T with a wedge of lime.

Lind & Lime

Lind & Lime are named after the pioneering Edinburgh native, Dr. James Lind, who in 1747 discovered that citrus fruit can prevent scurvy. 

Lind & Lime’s award-winning spirit that is the epitome of a London dry gin: complex, dry, refreshing and above all, balanced. The juniper of Lind & Lime’s gin is brought to life with notes of citrusy lime and pink peppercorns. 

Their bespoke bottle design itself reflects the balance of the spirit, with an elegant silhouette that drew inspiration from industrial buildings and old kilns once found in Leith. 

Whilst inspired by the past, Lind & Lime are challenging traditional distilling in Scotland, and will soon be housed in Scotland’s first-ever vertically arranged distillery at Edinburgh’s Port of Leith. We can't wait to see it!

Lind & Lime's suggested serve is very simple:

"1 part Lind & Lime to 2 parts tonic - ideally a light one that won’t overpower the gin. If you want a garnish then a wedge of lime will do"

Why not try our Light & Dry Tonic Water for your Lind & Lime G&T?


Nàdar Gin by Arbikie Distillery

Championing the world’s first ever climate positive gin, Arbikie Distillery truly breaking boundaries with their Nàdar gin. Nàdar means ‘nature’ in Gaelic, and they have truly harnessed the power of nature in this pea-based gin. You heard us right: peas.

Whilst most crops require added nitrogen fertilisers to grow, peas are able to get nitrogen from the air. This avoids pollutants that typically filter into our ecosystems from the use of synthetic fertilisers. The Nàdar gin actually has -1.54kg CO2e per 700ml bottle, which means it’s actually better than a product which is carbon neutral!

If that’s not enough of a reason to support the brand, the fresh hints of lemongrass in Nàdar gin certainly are. 

The suggested G&T serving is 50 ml Nàdar ginLight Tonic Watera splash of fresh lime juice, and a wedge of grapefruit to contrast the lemongrass notes. We totally agree. 


Nostalgin by Isle of Cumbrae Distillers

Isle of Cumbrae Distillers are making history with one of the few all-female distilling teams in Scotland. Not only do they make incredible gin, but they also have a commitment to creating local employment opportunities for young people based in Millport. 

Nostalgin’s botanicals have been selected to evoke memories of long summers in Millport, and the journey between Largs and Cumbrae. The blend features ingredients that reflect the local flora of the island: brambles, thistle, and heather. These are brought together with relaxing notes of lavender and orange. 

Nostalgin is best served over ice with Light Tonic Water and a slice of orange.

NB Distillery

When Vivienne Muir's husband, Steve, suggested that they make beer, she famously said 

"I was to sell it, it would be the equivalent of him selling handbags"

They settled on making gin instead. And a pretty great one at that. From makeshift beginnings with a homemade still in their home kitchen in North Berwick, the two former lawyers have created the 'Best London Dry Gin in the world! The award-winning London dry gin that's exported to over 11 countries worldwide!

NB London Dry Gin is dry, juniper-led and smooth with a long finish. Viv's serve of choice is a light tonic with a peel of pink grapefruit and ice.

You can get your very own sample of the London Dry Gin alongside our Bon Accord Tonic Water & Light Tonic Water on the NB Distillery tour!


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