Homeware for Hosting this Festive Season

Homeware for Hosting this Festive Season

If you're looking for homeware to gift, or to decorate your own festive table this year, we've got you covered. As always, we're diving into our favourite Scottish brands to bring you our top picks! 

Tablerunner - £47.99

Starting with the base of your festive table, we have a gorgeous Christmas Lace Runner from MYB Textiles 

The beautiful lace is made from the highest quality Egyptian cotton in Ayrshire at Scotland's last remaining lace mill. A little bit more expensive than your average table runner, but the craftsmanship of the lace will certainly hold up for years to come.


The table runner is available in a host of colours including the red one pictured. They also produce napkins and coasters to match if you feel like grabbing the whole set.


Napkins - £23 for a set of 2

We're ob-sessed with these cute linen napkins from Bluebellgray. They're part of their bespoke craft fabrics range, which they're looking to expand in 2023. 

They're perfect for bringing a bit of whimsy and nostalgia to your Christmas table.


Considering the price, we'd likely grab a set of these and use them as placemats for serving dishes, rather than buying one for each guest.

If you like the design of these, take a peek at the rest of their table linen range for a higher-budget gift for the ultra-hosts in your life! 



Candles are the perfect gift to bring to a party as they add more ambience to any space, and they don't break the bank! 

Our first favourite is a Nordic-inspired beeswax candle made by Held (£34). The unusual design will make it a perfect centrepiece for any table, particularly if you like a more minimal aesthetic. The candle has been designed so that you can switch it upside down for a different look.


From small business April Studio, we have these gorgeous soy Christmas tree candles (£10 each). The candles are predominantly decorative, so if you do decide to burn them she'd recommend catching the wax in a wee dish underneath. 



Considering we're a soft drinks company, it would be remiss of us not to focus on the importance of brilliant glassware!

Lifestory's Scandinavian & local Edinburgh collection is the one to beat when it comes to unique glassware. Their Ripple Collection is a beautiful addition to any table and makes your drinking experience all the more special.

We particularly love the carafe vase and the set of 4 glasses, which are perfect for cheers-ing for drinkers and non-drinkers alike!


Centrepieces & Table Decor

If you want to go the extra mile with your table settings, you can add a few small table decorations to add to the festive spirit. 

We have a long-standing love affair with ANTA, so it makes sense that we'd be equally as enamoured with their Christmas products.

This hand-painted vase has a rustic painted holly design (£55) and is crafted from British clay in the highlands by local artisans. Bonus: it's dishwasher safe too! There's a range of other tableware items in the same colour-way if you're looking for candles, cups, or bowls for hosting.

Holly Vase ANTA


Why not repurpose this star garland from Aume (£25) by laying it across the length of your table as a centrepiece?


Or add a few of Aume's decorative wooden Christmas trees! (£25 each) 


We love getting creative with our table settings, so we hope these ideas have got your creative juices flowing. We can't wait to see what you lay your festive tables with! 

There's nothing more we love at Bon Accord than family and good fun, so remember to tag us on Instagram if you're enjoying the joyful joy of Bon Accord this Christmas!

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