Life Recently (at Bon Accord)

Life Recently (at Bon Accord)

You mean to tell us it’s May? Already? How can that be possible? If you too are in disbelief that the year is going by this quickly, then welcome to the club! A lot has happened since we last spoke, and so here is your round up of everything Bon Accord that has happened in the last month…

A few weeks ago we, and a few other Scottish suppliers, headed to Perth’s Morrisons to do an in store tasting. We were there to welcome in Morrisons' team member, James Badger, who was cycling from Land’s End to John o’ Groats. James’ wife Philippa suddenly passed away from blood cancer this time last year, and is aiming to raise £150,000 for Blood Cancer UK. When the team stopped into Morrisons’ to refuel and take a break they were so kind, friendly and grateful for the turn out. James even had a chance to try out some of our juice (he’s a big rhubarb fan 🥰)! Although James and his team have now made it to John o’ Groats, you can still donate here.


We have a new team member, everyone meet Susan! As a wider member of Karen’s family, Susan has always been a long standing fan of Bon Accord. Based up near Loch Ness, Susan will be spearheading sales in the area and increasing brand awareness for our juice! If you see her out and about, make sure to say hello 👋


A woman in a blue shirt with blonde hair, holding a bottle of Bona-Cola

If you’re like us (a wee bit childish), then the start of April only means one thing… April fools! This year we decided to prank all of our Instagram followers into thinking our Ginger Beer was going to be used as the new base of a ramen for our pals over at Ikigai (yuck)… Although a few of you figured it out before we came clean, it was still a lot of fun! If you want to check out our prank, you can find it here



Since our free tonic post went live, the response to our little stunt has been overwhelmingly positive! We had people picking up stock for their wedding, neighbours and team mates, along with a few people leaving us gifts too (in the form of chocolates and hot sauce)! Thank you to everyone that came out, and made us feel proud to be part of the Edinburgh community ❤️


Our Rhubarb Soda has made it over to Manda HuevosLast week we managed to take a wee trip out to the Pentland Hills to visit Pablo on site. Although this spot is a little off the beaten track, it is well worth the visit. If the countless 5 star reviews aren’t enough to convince you, let us tell you a little bit about Manda Huevos… In addition to being one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet, Pablo is incredibly passionate about creating delicious food with local produce. As well as recently stocking our juice, Pablo sources his free range eggs from a farm in Midlothian, his potatoes from East Lothian, and his dairy from East Ayrshire 🍳🥔🐮


Finally last week we had a photoshoot with the team over at Four Media Group, along with the fantastic photographer Jane Massey. Whoever is in charge of the weather up there did us a massive favour, and blessed us with clear skies, meaning that our semi-outdoor shoot went off without a hitch! As for why we’re taking new photos… well, you’ll just have to wait and see 😉


p.s. If you’ve made it this far, thank you and we appreciate you! Talk soon, from the team at Bon Accord xo

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