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Our New Year's Resolutions

As we’re still in January, we think it's still acceptable to be mulling over our new year’s resolutions. In line with this, we thought that we’d share some of our personal resolutions, as well as overall aims for the business in 2023.


Karen said that for her, new year's resolutions are all about ‘smaller goals, rather than huge changes which can be unattainable’. She wants to implement small changes which will enable her to continue ‘living a balanced life, enjoying the day to day, along with having a general sense of enthusiasm for my personal and work goals’. Following Toni’s recommendation, Karen has set her reading goals on the Goodreads app, and is enjoying getting stuck into her Christmas book stack!


Karen also mentioned that 'the quieter winter months are the perfect time to plan long weekends over the course of the year. We are incredibly lucky to have so many beautiful places on our doorstep in Scotland, and we try to tick off at least one Scottish Island annually'. On this year's agenda you ask? The Isle of Arran. 



In terms of business aspirations Karen said that, ‘we've got some exciting projects in the pipeline and I'm really looking forward to seeing these come to fruition in 2023. Mainly seeing Bon Accord being more widely available’... Watch this space 👀


Although Nathan said that new year’s resolutions aren’t really his thing 🙄, he did give us a hint towards some of his goals (not new year’s resolutions 😉) for this year. Nathan said that he wants to try to read before bed, instead of looking at his phone, along with ‘being more intentional with time off, and making an active effort to spend more time with family and friends’. In the immediate future, he plans to achieve this by bagging a few more Munros. 


Although he doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough, Ryan runs our shipping and packaging operations in the warehouse. If you’ve ever bought one of our four packs or variety packs, it will have been Ryan who has lovingly packaged it for you by hand ❤️

Ryan has said that his goals for this year are to: improve his fitness; start sticking to things; become more organised; and push himself outside of his comfort zone!


Much like Karen I (yes Toni is writing this blog post) have set myself a new challenge on Goodreads. In 2022 I managed to read 27 books over 9,520 pages (reading this back now I realise that I really need to get a life). Whether this sounds like a lot or a little to you, I’m aiming to beat last year’s record; 9,521 pages seems attainable right? 


(if you're looking to take up reading more, but not sure where to start, check out our best independent bookstores blog post for some inspiration)

In addition to this I want to improve at bouldering and start travelling further afield again. In terms of work related goals, I really want to reach 1,000 followers on Bon Accord’s TikTok whereby you can add a clickable link to your bio - it’s the little things I guess 😂


In terms of goals for the company, we want to continue responding to the market and consumer trends whilst meeting the needs of our customers. By listening to customer feedback, we will allow insights to inform the innovation of our brand and products. On top of this, we want to continue growing the number of stockists which sell our juice, making it easier than ever to get your hands on!


Speaking of easy access, don't forget that you can pick up our products straight from our website! With any orders over £25 qualifying for free delivery, and 10% off when you sign up to our newsletter what’s not to love? If you’re already signed up to our newsletter but still love a bargain, make sure to keep your eyes peeled over on our Instagram for any upcoming deals.

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