Win A £120 Hamper & Support The Best Scottish Brands

Win A £120 Hamper & Support The Best Scottish Brands

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 

Bon Accord is incredibly excited to take part in Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2022. The two-week celebration will showcase local suppliers, growers, and farmers who are champions of the Scottish food and drink industry. 

Win a Bon Accord hamper worth over £120!

To kick off Scottish Food and Drink fortnight, we are giving you the chance to win a hamper of amazing Scottish products for your next party (or cosy night in)! 

The hamper features:

  • A gorgeous red carpet shopper bag and ceramic mug from ANTA
  • The ultimate BBQ set from Spice Pots
  • Sweetdram’s Core Range Tasting Set
  • A 4-box selection pack from The Drinks Bakery
  • 3 jars from Mrs Bridges 
  • Cheese from I.J. Mellis
  • A soft drink variety pack from Bon Accord!

What more could you need for a perfect night?

Read more to explore the stories behind these 5 Scottish brands and find out how to enter the giveaway!



Our friends at ANTA are experts in creating beautiful homeware that elevates at-home dining experiences.

Since 1984, ANTA has been designing sustainable home furnishings, textiles and stoneware that take inspiration from the Scottish landscape and seasons. 

ANTA is a great example of a brand that champions Scottish craft and design whilst maintaining a deep commitment to sustainability.


The Drinks Bakery

Picture this:

you’re hosting an impromptu get-together. The drinks are flowing, your guests are mingling, and you’ve curated the perfect playlist for the evening. 

You want to serve up some wee snacks for your guests, but the only thing you've got in the house is an odd assortment of crisps and a half-eaten bag of nuts. 

Enter: The Drinks Bakery. 

The Drinks Bakery hand bakes all of their Drink Biscuits in their Highlands location. Each biscuit is expertly flavour-profiled to compliment your choice of beverage for the evening. Our ideal Bon Accord post-work team picks would be:

  • Pecorino, Rosemary & Scottish Seaweed - a fab match for Karen and Toni, who love a G&T
  • Parmesan, Toasted Pine Nuts & Basil - these go nicely with Ryan and Nathan’s penchant for a good lager
  • Mature Cheddar, Chilli & Almond - the perfect snack for Jen & Isy’s taste for Malbec!


Spice Pots 

Scotland has long had a love affair with curry. Scottish recipe books first documented Indian dishes as far back as the 18th century. The chicken tikka masala is even said to have been created by Indian immigrants to Glasgow in the 1970s! Curry is now well-established as one of Scotland’s most popular types of food. 

With simple blends and recipes, Spice Pots promise to bring that well-known delight of a heartwarming Scottish curry to your door. 

With the colder months rolling in, there is nothing better than being able to curl up on the couch with a bowl of something to warm you up. And curry is a perfect meal for sharing! If you want to upgrade your spice rack, Spice Pots has you covered.



Not to brag, but we have the best office neighbours. We’re lucky enough to share a building with the folks over at Sweetdram, who create botanical flavour-forward spirits that defy definitions and transcend trends. They're sustainability champions who grow botanic ingredients on site and composting as much as possible in their production process. 

If you're a discerning drinker looking to add something of intrigue to your bar cart, Sweetdram is for you. 

  • Escubac, a ‘new world’ aperitif based on an old-world recipe, offers itself as a gin alternative
  • Whiskey Amaro is an inventive blend of whiskey and Italian digestif 
  • Smoked Spiced Rum sits somewhere between Caribbean rum and single malt

Fun fact: The folks at Sweetdram have one of the biggest and coolest record collections we've ever seen!

Bon Accord

We couldn’t *not* mention ourselves! From the kids to the adults, the old-school flavour-lovers to the new-school adventurers, we’re a soft drink and mixer company with something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

What makes us unique?

    • We’re proud of our history and heritage - our family business has been serving up juices to Scotland for over 100 years!
    • Our drinks are healthier, and naturally sweetened with coconut nectar - making us Vegan friendly! 
    • We use recyclable glass for our bottles and are looking into new ways to become even more sustainable in 2023


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Stock up on Bon Accord Soft Drinks at your local Scotmid* and shop our products online now!

*Bon Accord is available at Scotmid locations from Friday 2nd to 16th September

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