Small Businesses to Support This Valentines

Small Businesses to Support This Valentines

Fruit Salad Flowers 

Fruit Salad is a floral design studio based in Edinburgh. They push the boundaries of what we have come to expect from floristry, by creating colourful and bold designs inspired by current trends in fashion, design and interiors. If that wasn’t already enough, in the Spring and Summer the company grows many of the flowers they use within their designs themselves!


A colourful bouquet of flowers created by Fruit Salad


Although the company does not have a permanent store front, they have featured in both of Egg and Co’s pop ups! If you’re as obsessed with these arrangements as we are, and need to get your hands on one, today is your lucky day. Fruit Salad is taking orders for Valentines bouquets up until 10am on Thursday 9th February, along with delivering them to EH (1-26) postcodes on the 14th. And, if you can’t trust your partner to buy you a bouquet this beautiful, in the words of Miley Cyrus… You can buy yourself flowers!



If you’re on the hunt for a cheaper alternative to going out for a full blown meal, and should not be trusted within 10 feet of a working kitchen, we propose Crunch’s grazing boxes. This company takes the skill of choosing complimentary flavours into their own hands, so you know whatever you end up with will be delicious! With both sweet and savoury options to satisfy every palate, along with 10% off your first order (when you sign up to their newsletter), what’s not to love? 


Image of Crunch's grazing box


Tartan Blanket Company 


Another company that we have formed a deep obsession with over the last few years is Tartan Blanket Company. Their products are made with naturally occurring materials, with some lines being composed of natural wool mixed with recycled fibres (which would otherwise end up in landfill). TBco. designs blankets, scarves and other knitwear in Scotland, before sending their designs over to their partner mills in India and Mongolia. These mills are both family run and utilise greener techniques than are traditionally used in similar Scottish enterprises. The Products are then sent back to Scotland to be finished and distributed. As well as developing this environmentally friendly and ethical supply chain, TBco. give 2% off their profits to charity! So, as TBco. say, why not share the warmth with someone you love this winter 😉


Image of a little boy with a blue scarf


(p.s if you want to give their products a look in person before committing to a purchase, their storefront in Leith are having a sample sale this Thursday/ Friday)


Vault City 

This one is for the beer lovers in your life! It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Vault City over here at Bon Accord. Having previously mentioned them in our ‘Favourite Scottish Breweries’ blog post and visiting their tap room out in Portobello this summer, we can confirm that if you’re a fan of zingy and out-of-the-ordinary flavours, you need to try out their products!

Ever the fan of a theme, Vault City are definitely leaning into Valentines day this year with their limited edition releases for February. Our favourite release is their take on the Valentines sweet: Love Hearts




Grow Urban 

If plants are your thing but you prefer something with a little bit more longevity, you should most definitely check out Grow Urban. On their mission to bring all things botanical to city dwellers, you can pick up everything from plants to the tools you need to care for them, from their stores or website. If you do get a chance to stop into their shops, a tropical escape from the city, cakes and locally roasted coffee await you!


Image of a lush green house plant



(p.s if you’re unsure of you/your partner’s capacity for green thumbs, all of the plants from Grow Urban come with informative care cards!)

Bon Accord  

Last, but by no means least, is of course us! If your partner is a big fan of our drinks why not surprise them with a joyfully juicy gift! We recommend either our RhubarbGrapefruit or Salted Pink Grapefruit Soda if you want to lean into the pink theme... Plus, our Rhubarb comes in a handy four pack which is perfect for gifting. 

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