7 Spooky Season Activities in Edinburgh

7 Spooky Season Activities in Edinburgh

As spooky season creeps in, we're lucky enough to be based in one of Scotland’s most historically sinister cities. Edinburgh is filled with the with ancient narrow streets, and spine-tingling stories to be told.

To share our love for all things that go bump in the night, here's a few of our favourite spooky season activities in Edinburgh.  

    Samhuinn Fire Festival

    Samhuinn Fire Festivals

    Scotland is home to the original spooky season, Samhuinn (pronounced Sah-wen).

    The Celtic festival of Samhuinn dates back to over 2000 years ago, and takes place on the 31st of October. During this time, it was believed that the veil between the spirit and mortal realm dissolves, allowing the spirits and fae (faeries) to walk the earth alongside humans. 

    There are few records of what type of rituals took place on Samhuinn, but we assume that it involved people donning costumes to disguise themselves from the fae, and lighting bonfires.  

    Edinburgh is known for its incredible modern celebration: Samhuinn Fire Festival, where people gather around bonfires to watch fire performers, dancers, and musicians. 

    Buy your tickets and join in the fun with Beltane Fire Society's Samhuinn Fire Festival here 


    The Department of Magic

    Department of Magic Cocktails

    The Department of Magic boosts two Harry Potter-inspired escape rooms (our marketing intern Toni has impressively completed both of them). 

    “I don’t mean to flex, but I actually managed to complete both escape rooms… Of the two escape rooms, my favourite was definitely ‘The Prophecies Quest’

    If you haven’t watched/read Harry Potter (quite impressive, especially if you live in Edinburgh), fear not! Whilst the escape rooms take inspiration from the story, you don’t need to be an expert to complete the challenge!” - Toni Harland, Bon Accord Marketing Intern

    After a hard day of solving puzzles and fighting the dark lord, you and your team can relax in the Magic Potions Tavern. You can brew anything from a love potion to your very own bottle of Felix Felicis truth serum. The inclusion of dry ice makes the cocktails feel extra magical!

    Book your tickets for The Department of Magic here


    The Ghost Bus Tours

    The Ghost bus is the UK’s only comedy/horror tour experience. It travels around Edinburgh’s most haunted locations, from Edinburgh Castle, New Town, Grassmarket, Greyfriar’s Kirk,  Old Town, Holyrood Palace and The Royal Mile. The classically-trained actors who run the tour tell stories of real gruesome deaths and gore, giving you an eerie but factual perspective on Edinburgh’s history. 

    The Necrobus is a perfect alternative to a typical city tour, and we loved seeing the underworld of our city come to life. However, we would be wary of bringing children with you because there are a few scenes that are a bit inappropriate for younger audiences!

    The Necrobus departs from Edinburgh Lawnmarket, outside Heritage of Scotland, near the Deacon Brodies Tavern, EH1 2NT. 

    You can purchase tickets from £18 for adults here


    Frankenstein Edinburgh

    Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is one of the most famous horror stories (and considered widely the first science-fiction novel) of all time. An ode to the author and her story, Frankenstein Edinburgh is the perfect location for a drink and a little theatrical fun. 

    Located in a 150-year-old Gothic church in Edinburgh’s old town, the horror-themed bar features vats of bubbling liquid against a backdrop of black and white Frankenstein movies, and a live show where Frankenstein’s monster is ominously levered out across the ceiling at intervals throughout the night.

    They've got lots of events in the lead-up to Halloween, so go check them out for a monstrously good time! 

    26 George IV Bridge
    EH1 1EN

    Book a table now


    Pumpkin Picking at Craigie's Farmshop & Cafe

    After being suitably scared, you might want something more traditional to celebrate Halloween. Can you think of anything more quintessentially autumnal than pumpkin picking? We can’t! That’s why we just had to stop in at Craigie's Farm last week to give it a go for ourselves! 


    You can get your tickets here for as little as £1.50. The events often sell out but keep an eye on the website as Craigie's tend to release more tickets on the days leading up to the date or the night before. 

    You can even pick your own apples if you’re thinking of making some autumnal bakes!


    Do a Ghost Photoshoot!

    This Tiktok Ghost trend had us running around the city as Bon Accord-drinking ghosts, laughing at the top of our lungs. It's our absolute favourite thing.

    We've found that it can help even the most costume-averse person get into the Halloween spirit, quite literally!

    Bon Accord's ghost photoshoot

    But how do you do it? Just put on a white bedsheet, a pair of glasses, and any other accessories to jazz up your look. Grab your pals and a phone camera, and get ghostly! 

    Share a video of your photoshoot with the Bon Accord community by tagging us on Tiktok @bonaccordsoftdrinks 


    La Mascarade - Halloween Masked Ball

    Friday 28th October 2022 (19:30 – 02:00)

    La Mascarade

    Celebrate all hallows eve with a night of glitz, glam, music and entertainment at La Mascarade's Halloween Masked Ball!

    The event is held in the haunting setting of the Caves, one of Edinburgh’s most popular event spaces built into the sub-structure of the 18th Century South Bridge.

    After 100 years, these vaults were discovered and restored, making them a spectacular setting in one of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There was once so much whiskey stored here, it was known as ‘whiskey row'.

    What venue is more appropriate for a massive Halloween party? 

    The dress code is black tie and of course, a mask! 

    For more information and tickets, head to the event’s website


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