We're back in Aldi stores!

We're back in Aldi stores!

Bon Accord Soft Drinks are delighted to be listed in Aldi stores for the third time in the last 12 months. As proud recognition of Scottish produce, Aldi have listed their favourite Scottish brands and the Bon Accord customer favourites of Rhubarb Soda and Ginger Beer (275ml) will be available to buy alongside your weekly shop from 13 January. 

Having previously sold out in-store, consumer demand is expected to be extremely high for the unique, premium drinks. 

Bon Accord soft drinks have a place in the hearts of Scottish consumers as a brand that was first introduced in 1903. Following a refresh in 2016 by the founder's great-great granddaughter, the brand has found steady growth in the premium soft drinks market. 

Bon Accord Founder Karen Knowles said:

“We are delighted to once again be listed in Aldi stores across Scotland and continue to develop the strong relationship we have with one of the key retailers in the Scottish supermarket sector. This is an exciting time for us as a brand and customers have been so supportive of our growing retail presence.

We offer soft drinks and mixers that meet the desire for a healthier alternative to those that were previously available. All of our soft drinks are naturally sweetened and our unique way of sweetening Bon Accord means never having to compromise on taste or worry about quality of ingredients.”

Bon Accord co-founder Nathan Burrough said:

“Habits around drinking are changing and a growing number of people are embracing alcohol-free drinks. We’re proud to offer drinks that are more exciting than standard, sugar-laden juice. 

Despite being a crowded market, Bon Accord are confident about their offering:

 “While we are a smaller producer than many other premium soft drinks companies, we’re confident that our flavours and quality can hold their own in the supermarket."

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