Bon Accord's 2022 Whisky Guide

Bon Accord's 2022 Whisky Guide

Purists would argue that whisky should be enjoyed neat or with a single drop of water. But we like to turn conventionality on its head. 

We love combining whisky with our soft drinks to create unique blends of flavour, and to create an inclusive way for people to try one of Scotland’s greatest products.

Let's dive into our favourite whisky brands and the Bon Accord Soft Drink that we recommend pairing with each one. 


Sweetdram Blend #1 Scotch Whisky - Sweetdram

Sweetdram Blend #1 Scotch Whisky is an easy drinker that lies somewhere between scotch and bourbon. The blend of grains creates a unique composition that appeals to both seasoned whisky drinkers and novices. At £36, it also makes a reasonably priced Christmas gift!


Sweetdram recommends pairing Blend #1 with ginger ale to compliment the winter notes of bonfire toffee and burnt fig. We couldn't agree more. 

Why not try it with our Ginger Beer? With a ginger flavour that builds without overwhelming, it’s the perfect way to enhance the warmth of this unique whisky. 


No.2 - Woven

The guys over at Woven have taken on the mammoth challenge of redefining blended whisky. Woven have only been around since 2021 but have already proven to be more than up to the task by being named one of Whisky Magazines ‘Best Blended Whiskies of 2021’ and placing in Strategist's 'Best Whiskey, Rye, and Bourbon, According to Bartenders'. 

Unlike traditional whisky packaging, Woven's bottle design captures the minimalist packaging trend sweeping the luxury goods market. The result is a simple look reminiscent of medicine bottles or luxury skincare brands that allows the focus to centre around the most important aspect of a whisky: how it tastes.


Woven refers to each bottle as a different ‘experience’, an ode to their attitude towards bottling feelings rather than distilling whisky. We drawn to Experience N.2 which they describe as happy, bright, wild, rebellious, and youthful. 

Woven are big advocates for enjoying whisky in unconventional ways, so we encourage you to try their whiskies in whatever way you see fit! 

Pair the fruit and fresh-leaning N.2 with our Cloudy Lemonade for a drink that emboldens the drinker to embrace childlike joy. 

Lower East Side Whisky - Borders Distillery 

The folks over at Borders Distillery have created an expert blend of single malts with their Lower East Side whisky. The whisky is matured in American Oak casks, and has woody, smoky aromas of vanilla and almond with notes of honey.

Lower East Side's smoky flavour profile is bold enough to compliment other flavours without being lost behind them. That's why Borders Distillery has marked this as an ideal scotch whisky for mixing with other drinks. We think Down Town’s vanilla notes make it a perfect option for making a whisky and coke.

Our Bona-Cola perfectly matches the boldness of the whisky to make an equally balanced drink - give it a try! 


Kyloe - Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky

Duncan Taylor & Co have been selling premium whiskies for decades, initially established as a merchant and broker of Scotch whisky casks based in Glasgow. They now own one of the largest privately held collections of vintage and rare scotch whisky casks.


Duncan Taylor’s Kyloe blended scotch takes inspiration from the black bull of the same name. The breed, typically found in the rugged landscape of the highlands and islands, is robust and hardy. 

The Kyloe blend is bold with rich aromas of toffee apple, pear, clementine, brown sugar and toasted oak. The taste brings hazelnut and dried fruit flavours to the experience and finishes with vanilla, cream and oak.  

Try mixing our bright and tangy Ginger Beer with Kyloe's robust and bold flavours to create a balanced drink perfect for the holiday season!


We hope we've got you suitably inspired to try out some of these whisky pairings that are guaranteed to warm you up on cold winter nights and impress the crowd at your festive gatherings!

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