Founded in 1903, Bon Accord was created by the Robb family. Our cult-classic juice brand has been serving communities all over Scotland ever since.

Today, Bon Accord is run by the great-great granddaughter of the original founder, who was inspired to give the brand a new lease of life whilst pregnant. She found that, for those not drinking, there was a distinct lack of choice within the market, unless you were happy to settle for a can of mainstream fizzy pop packed with nasties. And thus, Bon Accord was reborn!

We continue to be inspired by our heritage with our range of deliciously refreshing plant-based pop.

Our premium small-batch produced, 100% naturally sweetened, soft drinks and mixers are packaged in recyclable glass bottles. They are suitable for vegans and 100% caffeine free, meaning that more people than ever can enjoy our joyfully juicy drinks.


Why Bon Accord?

Our premium drinks are made with real fruit juice and no hidden nasties such as added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Are your drinks suitable for vegans?

Yes, all of our drinks are vegan!

Do you dilute your drinks?

Our drinks are soft drinks meaning that they're not meant to be diluted! Our mixers are meant to be paired with your favourite spirit (or non-alcoholic alternative), and all of our products are best served chilled!

Are your drinks carbonated?

Yes - our drinks are full of less fuss and more fizz.

Are your drinks caffeine-free?

Yes! All of our drinks, including our Cola, are naturally caffeine-free.

Are you drinks available in shops?

Our soft drinks are available in selected Morrisons and Sainsbury's stores across Scotland, for a full list of selected stores check out our blog. We're also available in smaller independent retailers within Scotland and, If all else fails, if you're UK based you can get our juice delivered straight to your door from our online store.

Real fruit juice

Suitable for vegans

Best served chilled

No artificial sugars

Caffeine free

Gluten free