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Our 2022 Wrapped

Doesn’t the beginning of every new year require a little reflection of what’s passed? As a result, we thought we’d go through some of our top moments of 2022, which also happen to have been immortalised as blog posts! 


Bon Accord Takes Morrisons:

To kick off 2022, we were over the moon to secure a deal with Morrisons. We were, and continue to be, stocked in ten stores across the Eastern Coast of Scotland - from Arbroath to Portobello, we’ve got you covered! 



This partnership started as a result of Morrison’s local Foodmakers Programme, and has made it easier than ever to get our juice into the hands of people who love it. We’re so grateful to Morrisons for their help in making our products more accessible, and for aiding in the growth of our small business.


Meet Bon Accord's Marketing Executives:

This summer we were over the moon to take on two marketing executives in association with the Graduate Career Advantage Scheme. It’s safe to say that both Isy and Toni have been instrumental in advancing the online presence of our small business and enhancing brand awareness.



From Toni forcing us (essentially at gun point) to feature in her TikToks, and Isy getting on the wrong train to Falkirk nearly every time she came to the office, it goes without saying that these two brought a new energy to the team. 


Following the end of their internships, Isy is going on to a similar role in Glasgow (this girl is really not meant to attempt public transport), and we’re excited to say that Toni will be staying on with us as a full time member of staff! 


Collaborations, Collaborations, Collaborations:

Who doesn’t love a cheeky collab? From our shandy packs with Stewart Brewing, to being incorporated in doughnuts by The Kilted Donut (who knew that our juice could get even more delicious), it turns out that all of us are fans of a wee crossover.  



With that in mind, there will be much more on that front shortly... A venue just off the Meadows may just be whipping up some Bon Accord inspired sweet treats as we speak! 


Meet the Founders:

This year we’ve given you more info about us, and what makes us tick, more than ever before. Nowhere has that been more evident than our Meet the Founders blog post. Here we learnt that the weirdest job Nathan's had was working in a wax moulding factory, whilst Karen spent a summer on a pea farm in the North-East of Scotland! 



We also went into a wee bit more depth about our founders on Instagram. Here we gave away that Nathan is a fully trained chef and that Karen grew up with one side of her family being from a farming background, and the other carrying the legacy of Bon Accord. It seems that a partnership within the food and drink industry was inevitable for these two!


And that's it, our 2022 roundup! Thank you so much for sticking with us throughout this year and we can't wait to keep you updated as to what we're up to in 2023. 

(Reposted from Jan 2023)

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