A Celebration of Scottish Food and Drink

A Celebration of Scottish Food and Drink

Running between the 2nd and 16th of September, Scotland Food & Drink Fortnight is a celebration of Scotland’s culinary heritage, along with an opportunity to shout about the companies, products and people that are allowing our industry to thrive. 

In addition to the Fortnight itself, tonight Scotland Food & Drink present their Excellence Awards, which allows for the very best from each sector in the industry to receive the praise and accreditation they deserve.  

With this year’s theme being ‘Discover what’s on your doorstep’, we thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to give a little love to some of our favourite businesses… you guessed it, right on our doorstep here in Scotland! Here’s our rundown of a few of our faves shortlisted for Excellence awards this year…

Artisan Product of the year - Brose Oats 

Brose Oats create oat milk by supporting only local and trusted farmers. In addition to being more sustainable than traditional cows milk, and supporting the livelihoods of people in East Lothian, Brose sells all of their milk in recyclable glass bottles and actively encourages customers to bring the empty bottles back to their retailer (so that they can be cleaned and reused). 


Containing Scottish water and 100% Scottish oats, as they’re easy to grow and source locally, Brose Oats culminates in the perfect dairy-free milk-alternative to support on your doorstep this Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight!

Distilling Product of the Year - White Spirits - Muckle Brig (Lind & Lime)

Muckle Brig, creators of Lind & Lime gin, is a company that pays homage to the industrious heritage of Leith in everything they do. From their packaging depicting ships associated with the once booming port, to their bottles which reference the previously thriving glass production in the area, every part of their product is meticulously thought out and executed. 

Lind & Lime Gin represents everything that a London dry gin should be, simple and perfect. Named after the doctor, born in Edinburgh, widely attributed to making the connection between citrus fruits and the prevention of scurvy, Lind & Lime comprises of seven botanicals and three key flavours: juniper, pink peppercorns and of course lime!

If we’ve wetted your metaphorical G & T whistle with all of this gin talk, you can head over to the Lind & Lime distillery for one of their tours or supper clubs. Who knows, you might even spot some Bon Accord whilst you’re there… check out their website for more info!

Meat Product of the Year - Great Glen Charcuterie 

Great Glen Charcuterie are a small family-run business who create specialist charcuterie from Scottish venison. Venison serves as a natural, ethical and healthy meat with strong credentials in terms of traceability and sustainability. This is due to the fact that, as wild deer have no natural predators, humans have to manage their population in order for it to remain at a sustainable level.


In addition to being delicious, Great Glen charcuterie provides the perfect alternative for individuals with a pork-free diet who would still love to indulge in everything which constitutes ✨ a cheese board ✨

Snacks and Accompaniment of the Year - Aye Pickle 

And, last but by no means least, a fellow family business based in Edinburgh… Aye Pickle! Aye Pickle hand-craft small batches of pickles and fermented food for both the food service industry, and to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Consider Aye Pickle as the one stop shop for gourmet condiments for any and every occasion 😋


So there’s Bon Accord’s picks for the Excellence Awards this evening. If you’re keen to find out Scottish Food and Drink’s winners, check out their website tomorrow! 

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