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Our Recipe Re-vamp

As this month has a whole week dedicated to healthy eating, we thought now would be the perfect time to formally shout about our latest project!

For those of you in the know, legislation regarding high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) in food and drink is changing. Essentially, the new legislation will result in products containing higher amounts of fat, salt and sugar facing steeper advertising fees and greater challenges in being included in promotional deals. 

Health has always been a big consideration for us, and we’ve strived to make our drinks as healthy as possible for our customers. As a result, we are in the process of removing the organic coconut nectar from our recipes, in order to lower their sugar content and make them better for you, and HFSS compliant , while keeping our plant-based pop as delicious as it’s ever been. 



As you can imagine, this has been quite an undertaking… We’ve had to reformulate recipes, work through existing stock and redesign labels. And, as we want to do this in the right way, we’re gradually launching the new recipes over the coming months. Initially, the new recipe will be applied to our 750ml sharing bottles (Rhubarb Soda, Cloudy Lemonade and Ginger Beer), however as and when we work through our existing stock, we'll begin to roll out our new coconut-nectar free recipes to other flavours. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, and let us know as and when you spot a new-recipe Bon Accord on your shelves. Who knows, you may have already tried one and been none the wiser 👀

Until next time, the team at Bon Accord.

(Reposted from June 2023)

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