Bottle of Bon Accord's Rhubarb Soda

We're Going Big with Our 750ml Sharing Bottles

We have launched our three core flavours - Ginger Beer, Cloudy Lemonade and Rhubarb Soda - in a new 750ml share size

With people socialising at home more, returning to doing the ‘big shop’ and an uplift in online sales, Bon Accord founders Nathan Burrough and Karen Knowles saw an opportunity to offer customers a sharing bottle.



Bon Accord co-founder Karen Knowles said:

“We know our customers are always looking for something new to try, especially now that everyone is home more, and our sharing size is the perfect treat to have with your family as you hang out at home".

“Our drinks are naturally sweetened with fruit juice and coconut nectar, Bon Accord uses high-quality ingredients and never artificially sweeteners".

“People are embracing alcohol-free drinks and are becoming more conscious about what they’re consuming".

“Our customers love that we don’t use refined sugar or artificial sweeteners in our drinks. Our unique way of sweetening Bon Accord means you never have to compromise on taste or worry about quality of ingredients”.

Initially available in cases of 8 on our online shop from October, these larger bottles are perfect for at home socialising or a lunchtime treat.

Bon Accord co-founder Nathan Burrough said:

“As a society we are becoming more discerning – seeking out new brands and buying from small businesses. We saw a big uplift in online sales in spring when people were stuck at home during lockdown and as we move into winter, this bigger bottle is a great way to share a treat with loved ones while we’re all at home more”.

Despite being a crowded market, Bon Accord are confident about their offering:

“And while we are a smaller producer than many other premium soft drinks companies, we’re confident that that our flavours and quality can compete with the big guys in the supermarket”.


If anybody wants to try our sharing bottles, you can get them here


(Reposted from October 2020)

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